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Quick Overview

Earn tickets by completing jobs in the "Ticket Jobs" section of the Field Agent app! Each month, one Agent will be drawn for a cash prize. The more tickets you've earned, the higher the payout! Payments will be deposited directly to your bank account via Direct Deposit or Dwolla. (FAQ's below)

How It Works

Complete Screeners

Complete Ticket Jobs

1. Navigate to "Ticket Jobs" in the "Find Jobs" section of the app.
2. Accept and complete each Ticket Job for the ticket amount listed under "payment" in the details view.
3. Once you've completed the Ticket Job, the ticket amount is added to your ticket balance.

Earn Tickets

Earn Tickets

1. Tap the mobile menu bar (in the upper left corner of the app), and scroll down to the "General" section.
2. Click "Drawing" to see your tickets, what they're worth, and when the next drawing will be.
3. To see past winners, click the "Previous Winners" tab.

Monthly Drawing Email

Automatically Entered to Win

(If you have tickets in your account, you are automatically entered into our monthly drawing.)

1. We will hold the drawing within the first 10 days of the month.
2. The winner will receive an email, and funds will be ready for you to cash out in the app within 15 days.
3. Ticket amounts reset back to zero, and the new month begins!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ticket Job?

A Ticket Job is a quick job that can usually be completed anywhere.

Do Ticket Jobs replace jobs that pay cash?

Absolutely not. We are simply converting $0 jobs to Ticket Jobs, giving you an opportunity to win extra cash.

How long do I have to earn tickets? 

You may earn tickets between the first day of the month and the last day of the month.

How often can I win?

There are no limits.

What is the breakdown of monthly prizes?

1 Ticket = $100

2-3 Tickets = $200

4-5 Tickets = $300

6+ Tickets = $500

How long does it take for me to collect the prize money?

The moment you receive the winner notification email, you will be able to cash out in your app. You must do so within 15 days of winning or the prize money will disappear.

Past Winners

April 2017 Dan H. $200
May 2017 Wendy C. $500
June 2017 Ree Ha K. $500
July 2017 Kiara S.  $100
August 2017 Nicole P.  $500
September 2017 Christel F.   $300
October 2017 Monica C. $300 
November 2017 Could be you!